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September 1, 2012
TRAVELSHOPPE: Lessons on Team Work

If you walked into a room and asked each person what they reckon a great team is made of, you will receive numerous answers. But the one thing, most of these answers will have in common is that great teams are made up of people who support each other as they work towards a common goal.

In order to reconnect and learn more about each other outside the office environment, Travelshoppe employees set out for a team building session. The day was an interesting mix of fun activities, laughter, shared stories and experiences which brought the team closer together. Besides being a fun day out where everyone let loose, the team learned a few critical lessons that they could adopt at the workplace such as the importance of communication, enhancing each team member’s strengths, valuing each member’s contribution and working with a common goal. Great teams are central to every successful company.

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