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February 21, 2023
ICT Africa Rolls out a new workflow platform

ICT Africa has launched the use of Galileo Sage, a workflow platform that automates business processes for efficient management of organisational procedures. As we embrace innovation in managing our businesses we are excited to have launched and deployed the project aimed at increasing efficiency and improving productivity within the organisation by standardizing, automating processes and providing seamless user experience across all IT platforms (web and mobile) within our organisations.

The platform augments the use of cutting-edge technology tools to secure information and drive innovation. Its benefits include;

• Standardized processes flow
• Versatile access on PCs and mobile devices
• Paperless workplace
• Accurate information and data flow
• Automated controls and approvals
• Reporting, dashboards, and archiving processes
• Simplify complex processes saving time, manpower, and money
• Facilitate compliance via audit-able processes
• A highly skilled team to assist you to build your processes.

They currently have over 80 live processes already in use across the Ramco Group covering;

• Operational processes
• HR processes
• Legal processes
• Internal Audit processes
• IT processesEHS processes
• EHS processes
• Credit control processes
• Ramco Jamii employee engagement processes
• Customized bespoke processes.

Group companies are encouraged to make use of the automated processes to build efficiency and increase productivity in the organisation as a whole.