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February 1, 2019
RAMCO GROUP: Launches the SMALA Sales Field App

Ramco Group launched SMALA, the Sales Field App, which has been adopted by more than 30 sales people across the Group, to record their customer visits.

Among the several benefits of using the app are; 

  • It provides quick support and facilitates easier decision-making for the sales manager,
  • It helps identify and solve hurdles in the sales process,
  • It provides system-generated sales reports,
  • It enables the sharing photos of client samples or products on retail display,
  • It records clients’ product of interest, providing a quote if needed,
  • It optimises a salesperson’s visit route, and
  • It helps measure a salesperson’s KPI for client visits.

The Group Customer Experience Director, Derek Steel emphasised the importance of such technology in making both internal and external communication more efficient which ultimately improves the customers experience, while allowing the sales teams to spend more time with clients and less time in the office.

The Group began by testing the app with individual salespeople at selected companies, later expanding to include full sales teams at a range of companies including Ramco Printing, ASL Packaging, Sai Office Supplies Supermarket team, Flexoworld, Ovidian Kenya, Marketpower, Ovidian Uganda, The Print Store, Travelshoppe and Platinum Packaging.

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