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September 15, 2018
OVIDIAN UGANDA: Welcomes a new COO

Jagath Fernando Keerthi recently joined Ovidian Uganda as the new COO.

He was inspired to join the company when he noticed Ramco Group’s enormous market presence in Africa and the vision of the dynamic leadership.

With a background of over 25 years of working in various capacities for market leaders in advertising, printing and packaging fields in the Middle East, he has witnessed and participated in the evolution from analog to digital technologies.

Talking about the what the team should expect from him, Jagath Keerthi says, “My technical strengths, rich management experience and sales & marketing skills will help lead the team to effectively raise the performance bar. A priority for me is to motivate and work together with the team to optimize our performance to realise the company’s vision and to help the team grow as individuals.”