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June 1, 2016
RAMCO GROUP:Has a new Group HR Director

Ramco recently welcomed a new Group Human Resources Director, Denis Nyongesa. We had a chance to sit with him and get to know him a bit better!

When did you join Ramco Group?

I joined Ramco Group on 15th June 2016. I am overseeing the HR function across the group. I’ll be working closely with Group Executive Director, CEOs , Vertical HR managers and HR officers.

What’s you background in HR?

I have been in the HR industry for 18 years. I worked with Coca Cola Coastal Bottlers Limited in Mombasa for about 5 years before moving to Unga Group. I later left Unga Group and worked as HR consultant for a few months and then Joined Doshi Group, located along Mombasa Road. I later moved to Copy Cat Group before joining Ramco Group.

What’s your biggest priority at Ramco Group at the moment?

I want to create a culture of accountability among the employees. I also want to embed a performance management culture across the group. When employees achieve what is expected of them, managers are able to reward them accordingly and when employees don’t achieve what’s expected of them, then we can come up with programs that will remedy the poor performance eg. coaching or training. I aspire to help come up with programs that would make employees be proud of working for this Group. Off course I will not be able to do this alone, I heavily rely on the support of the Board, Management, Union and all employees.

So far what has been your experience since joining the group?

There is a lot of goodwill among the employees. I met with all the group CEOs in the quarterly review meeting. I saw a lot of commitment to creating employee satisfaction. I also met with all group HRs and they are looking forward to a fresh approach to things. I have met with employees and we had fruitful discussions. The next step is to implement what we’ve discussed.

What should employees expect from you?

Expect a more systematic way of doing things in regards to HR functions. I look forward to working with employees who are passionate about their work and I also who want to challenge management when they over achieve. If we lay a good foundation, everyone’s work becomes easier. Everyone should go out of their way to exceed expectations so that we can achieve our objectives.

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