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February 15, 2024
ASL Launches Solar Cable

ASL Ltd Wire & Cable Division is a leading manufacturer and distributor of electrical cables as well as conduits and Trunking. A unique product feature of Asl Cables is the Flame-Retardant coating that provides customers with added safety and protection. ASL conduits and trunking Conform to relevant safety standards and regulations, are extremely durable, and coated with non-conductive material for electrical safety. The company distributes its products through retailers, wholesalers, electrical contractors, and the Ramco Group hardware distribution network across East Africa.

ASL Limited – Wire & Cable Division began operations in 2013. Over the course of its ten years of operation, the company has prioritized innovation, expansion, and client service. The business has succeeded in establishing a reputation as one of the top producers and suppliers of electrical cables.

In 2023, the company launched the manufacture of solar cables. ASL Solar cables work well for both fixed and movable solar projects, including rooftop solar arrays, floating plants, and solar farms. As the current transmission medium for solar energy power generation, solar photovoltaic cables are suited in situations where fire, smoke emissions, moisture, UV radiation, and toxic fumes pose a potential risk to life and equipment. The extremely flexible cable is specifically made for connecting solar panels and works with all main connectors. Solar cables are Ideal for moist, humid, and wet environments, the cable can satisfy the different demands of the solar energy sector.