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March 18, 2018
RAMCO GROUP: Hosts Training at Industrial Park

On Saturday, 18 March 2018, four separate trainings took place within the Group Park.

Among the trainings included a four-day business-to-business sales training with 20 people from seven different Ramco companies attending the course. The course, led by Spire, an external training team, had three groups of 20 participants each, spread out over a period of four months.

Baraka Riki from Microsoft also conducted a one-day course on Microsoft Office 365, attended by 31 people from ten different companies. The course taught how to use Microsoft’s tools to increase performance, improve decision making and drive corporate success.

On the same day, third-party consultant leader, Durgesh Pandey, led a course on forensic audit and fraud risk management, which was attended by 30 Group Financial Controllers. The course also taught how to reduce a company’s risks of internal fraud.

Dr. Peter Nthigah from the Knowledge Resource Center taught a one-day customer service course to 17 Seal Honey employees, teaching them how to look after customers and how to meet their needs and expectations in the retail environment.

It was a truly momentous occasion on that Saturday as the Ramco Group reflected on its ongoing investment in its people and their development.

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