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March 15, 2019
FLEXOWORLD: UK Partners, YRG Comes to Train at Flexoworld

York Repro Graphic, Flexoworld’s partners from the UK, visited Flexoworld in February 2019 for a week of training and technical support at the Ramco Group Industrial Park, Mombasa Road. Dan Atkinson and Bob Hollingsworth of YRG worked with the Flexoworld designers and production teams to review production and quality control procedures. In addition to reviewing the procedures, they also designed ‘tips and tricks’ for the Flexoworld employees to ensure clients receive a world class plate on every job. 

Alfred Odhiambo, The Operations Manager, said, “This annual training week is a great opportunity for us to learn more and reevaluate our production process. It gives us great confidence to know that what we deliver in Kenya matches what York Repro Graphic would deliver in the UK.”