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June 1, 2019
RAMCO GROUP: David Odhiambo moves to Ramco Altus as HR

David Odhiambo has been the vertical HR head for Plexus for nearly 3 years.  A story of consistent growth and hard work, he started by working at Ramco Printing under supervision of Ramco Group CEO Mr. Amit Patel. Thereafter, he began formerly overseeing HR at the Plexus level reporting to the CEO Mr. Jan Larsen and HR Director Mr. Denis Nyongesa.

We must say that the contribution of the CEOs in mentoring David has gone a long way to help him understand the business and come up with solid Plexus HR Structure. David’s portfolio includes several outstanding projects that have brought great value to the Group. With his vertical HR experience and understanding of where the Group wants to take HR, David will move to Ramco Altus as a full time vertical HR Head from 1st June 2019. He will be reporting to Ramco Group COO, Mr. Hasit Patel. Apart from work, David is married with two boys and one girl. During his free time, he enjoys adventure and trying new recipes