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May 18, 2018
RAMCO GROUP: Welcome New Team Members at Get-Together

Ramco Group hosted a Koroga to welcome new senior team members to the Ramco family.

The Group HR Director, Denis Nyongesa, opened the meeting with warm welcomes to the new senior staff joining Ramco Group including Ida Evelyn Angel, Sivarama Krishnana, Praveen Kumar Rao, Michael Flemming, Edgar Obaga, Ivan Bartulovic, Rafael Jorge de Mira Pires, and Rabih Sfelia were introduced.

The fun-filled evening allowed for the newcomers to get to know each other and the rest of the senior Ramco Group team whilst indulging in sumptuous food prepared by our talented in-house ‘chefs’ namely, Bharat Patel, Chandresh Patel and Zarina Mohammed.

This is the second Koroga in the growing tradition of the top leadership cultivating team spirit within the Group.

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