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October 1, 2018
SAI OFFICE: Welcomes a New CEO

Paolo Miglietta joined Sai Office Supplies Limited as the new CEO .

What inspires him is the ability to know that they can cater to numerous customers with different needs and requirements due to the complexity and diversity of the business, that deals in so many different products and services, from selling a good quality pen to selling large I.T. Data Centre solutions.

Overall, he is a businessman and with experience in the corporate environment comes from having various managerial roles for different companies.

Talking about what the team should expect from him, Paolo Miglietta says, “The team should expect good and positive changes for Sai Office Supplies Limited as a whole. I aspire to make our company more efficient and more productive to increase annual revenue. We shall also have a meritocracy policy – whereby the employees who perform best should be promoted as I am a firm believer of ‘Hard Work Pays”.