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September 1, 2018
RAMCO PLEXUS: Welcomes Health & Safety Manager

Michael Flemming recently joined Ramco Plexus as the new Health and Safety Manager. He was inspired to join Ramco Plexus after realizing that he would be gain experience by working with the IFC Performance Standards. He adds that “the opportunity to create an Environmental, Health and Safety program for Ramco Group from scratch was too good to pass up.”

Michael started on his SAIOSH course as an Occupational Health and Safety professional in 2009, while he was still working in multiple different industries. After branching out into ISO certifications, he exclusively worked in Africa developing underground mining EHS programs until mid-2017.

He aims to create a higher standard of EHS across the whole of Ramco plexus through guidance and training from the boardroom to the production floor.

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