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October 10, 2018

Crown Classics and Ramco Group launched Trio Elevators East Africa on Thursday, 18 October 2018 at Trademark Hotel, where the Chief Guest was Eng. Maurice O Aketch, the AG Executive Director of National Construction Authority.

The cocktails and dinner launch was attended by many, including architects, contractors and builders, in addition to representatives from Crown Classics and Ramco Group.

Jitendra Pujari, the General Manager (Sales & Marketing) of Crown Classics, said, “Here at Crown Classics, we are excited to have Trio Elevators join us. With Trio Elevators and Escalators, we want to take our clients to the next level as we continue our work to protect and increase the durability of a building.”

Set up in 1974 in India, Trio started as an elevator service company before moving into manufacturing. Today, the company installs and maintains various types of elevators and escalators for both industrial and commercial clients.

As Trio expands into Kenya, it will help assuring safety in buildings as the Building Code of the Republic of Kenya (2009 Edition) requires elevators to be included in the design of any building exceeding four floors.