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May 5, 2020
FLEXOWORLD: Installs 1st Esko XPS in Sub Sahara Africa

In February 2020 Flexoworld installed the latest Esko XPS. It is the 1st machine installed in Sub Saharan Africa and gives Flexoworld clients the best plate quality possible. In addition to the XPS, the company also installed a Kongsberg cutting table that provides plate cutting precision to help improve on press quality.

Plate consistency is one of the keys to achieve, and maintain optimal print quality. One of the main factors influencing plate stability is the plate’s UV exposure.

The innovative XPS Crystal optimally combines UV main and back exposure. Unlike UV frames using light bulbs fluctuating in output the XPS Crystal uses UV LEDs which don’t need warm-up time and always emit consistent radiation.

As Operations Manager Alfred Odhiambo said, “These 2 new additions will take our customers print quality to the next level and improve their print speeds and quality. If we can deliver world-class quality with great service, we hope this will allow us to grow with our customers in 2020”


  • Faster colour control
  • Higher Press Speeds
  • Reduced Ink consumption
  • improved Mid tones and Highlights
  • Higher Solid Ink Densities
  • Works with Printers existing Aniloxes
  • Can work with most ‘Approved’ Polymer materials


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