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February 21, 2023
ASL Lmited Engineering in partnership with MAACOM Launches a Mini Dairy Plant

In Partnership with MAACOM Launches a Mini Dairy Plant
ASL Ltd Engineering division in partnership with MAACOM and Enkanasa Ltd on 18th July 2022 commissioned a state-of-the-art containerized mini dairy. This unit is designed to empower over 3,000 MAA women in 13 counties by adding value to their milk ultimately empowering them economically.

The unit gives a complete end to end solution in processing i.e. from collection, lab testing, pasteurization, homogenization and packaging. ASL is proud to engage in such projects that are helping make an impact in our great country.

The biggest challenge in the dairy industry is handling and human intervention.

This containerized solution mitigates these losses to the women and hence empowering them economically. The containerized unit offers the following solutions hence adding value to the milk and ultimately:

1. Pasteurization – A continuous pasteurizer is fitted in the unit this kill micros in the milk hence can be held longer.

2. Homogenization – This is the process of emulsifying the fat content in the milk hence there is no separation, this ensure quality milk.

3. Packaging – A pouch packing machine has been fitted in the containerized unit which allows the women to sell off the shelf at market price.

By acquiring these units for the women, MAACOM in partnership with local area leadership basically metamorphosized the economic power of the family unit in this region. Previously the women were exposed to loss of milk due to handling and exploitation by brokers and some milk processors.

This unit has now enabled the smallest of farmer to record, plan and determine his or her income. As we all know the ripple effect of empowering women in a community is phenomenal. At ASL Engineering we continue to commit to partner further with all stakeholders from various divides to bring in such initiatives that go a long way in the society as a whole. ASL also offers training on basic milk handling and dairy equipment at no extra cost.

The environmental benefit of ASL Engineering developing this unit is that it will be powered by solar panels; an affordable and green energy.