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March 23, 2019
RAMCO GROUP: Launches Youngitude with a Kids’ Camp

On 23 March 2019, Saturday, Ramco Group‘s Youngitude was launched at the Gita Hall at Premier Academy with an inaugural kids’ camp. Standing true to the Groups philosophy of ‘‘Every relationship is family and family comes first’’, Youngitude is a youth development movement that empowers children to reach their full potential. Encouraging children to develop holistically, personally and socially with educational tools for the present and future, Youngitude enables them to develop a voice and find a place in society.

The first Youngitude event was initiated by Anand Chulani, an international speaker, legacy advisor and peak performance coach at the kids’ camp. The session, titled “Absolute Champions” was attended by over 180 children from various backgrounds.

The event taught the children to not only have the skillset of champions, but to also develop that mindset. Some of the key pointers the children learned include: having a ‘Yes and…’ attitude, remembering to using the right body, mind and words to unlock the best state, how to use ‘visual’, ‘auditory’ or ‘kinesthetic’ learning style to get the most out of studying, and repeating empowering beliefs to breakthrough limiting beliefs. A start of many initiatives by the Group for future leaders and innovators, the Youngitude kids’ camp was a huge success. The energy at the event was exhilarating and both children and their parents urged the Group to hold the next camp soon.

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