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February 2, 2019
RAMCO GROUP: HR Team Building

The bright and sunny morning of 2nd February 2019, saw all the HR teams alongside Health & Safety converge at St. Paul’s University Grounds, Limuru for an exciting line up of Team building activities. The event was facilitated by Dr. Peter Nthiga of Knowledge Resource Centre.

The day was filled with fun, laughter and lots of lessons to take home. As the group enjoyed the lush green fields and fresh atmosphere, they also got to know each other better and understand their diversity in terms of day to day HR operations in spite of working for the same group of companies. The purpose of the event was to transform HR Officers from being just operational and waiting-to-be told attitude to business partners, supporting CEOs in all-around business spheres.   Two months later we have witnessed significant improvement in how we relate to each other, opened doors for inter-company consultations and more activities on the Group’s HR WhatsApp. The team is more cohesive and open to each other making it easier to communicate and also, like the HR Director likes putting it, there was tremendous opportunity to “learn, unlearn and re-learn” from each other

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