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October 5, 2021
ICT Africa Rolls Out a Call Centre

ICT Africa began the initial phases of the call center implementation project early January 2021, part of a two-year plan in a bid to keep abreast with industry standards as more companies are resorting to superior customer service experience to offer unrivaled technical support, respond to queries about products and services, intent to purchase, respond to complaints, telemarketing and ultimately enhancing customer experience, a centralized contact center became a vital necessity for ICT Africa.

Earlier, ICT Africa did not have a dedicated call center to handle the large volume of telephone calls coming in daily. Currently ICT Africa is running the below services at the Call Center:

Outbound Services
• Cold Calling: Contacting ICT Africa customers and potential customers by telephone with the goal of generating interest in products and services, getting appointments, selling from a distance, generating sales and leads and building an immediate rapport with customers: B2B, B2C.
• Debt Collection: Service dedicated to pursuing recovery of outstanding or past due payments. The fully trained Customer Service Representatives contact as many debtors as possible and convince many debtors as possible to begin repayment.
• Customer Follow Up Services: Calling clients to follow up on technical issues they had raised to ensure resolution was provided satisfactorily.

Inbound Services
• Reception: This service entails:
– Live call answering and forwarding
– Calls received are processed by live operators, who obtain the caller’s name, address, and a brief message.
– Message Taking and Recording
– Live Customer Support – Customer Support managed through an omnichannel platform (social media, live chat) resulting in enhanced customer experience.
– Call Escalation to relevant person(s) or
• Inquiry Handling
• Tier 1 Technical Support: Support for basic customer issues. Handling 70-80% of the user problems before escalating the issue to a higher level.

The company has also managed to run a successful pilot program with Travelshoppe Limited to evaluate the feasibility of offering BPO Call Center Services; by taking up their routine responsibilities such as on-call customer support and telemarketing/tele sales thereby allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities. They welcome you to sign up to their call center services and invite you to let them enhance your customer experience as you focus on your core business.