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October 5, 2018
RAMCO KORA: Companies Attend Security Solutions Event

Sai Office Supplies recently held an event with Hanwha Techwin, a video surveillance producer that provides tailor-made security solutions, at the Park Inn Hotel. The key purpose of the launch was to showcase retail intelligence solutions from Hanwha Techwin, such as heat mapping, face detection, footfall etc. and to train electrical contractors, consultants and installers on security products.

The Hanwha Techwin staff conducted two training sessions on their range of cameras and past projects. Guests from various security solution companies in Kenya, including staff from Ramco Kora companies attended the training.

Besides seeing the security solutions, those who attended also got to experience the advanced workability of security cameras that were installed in numerous places, pushing for the sale of Hanwha Techwin products at Ramco Kora companies.