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January 1, 2019
RAMCO GROUP: Recruitment

Recruiting was never a career path you went to school for or aspired to get into one day like medicine or marketing.

But, recruiting is now a growing and desirable profession that new college graduates actually want to start their career in and not just fall into. What was once just another aspect of HR is now in its own separate division, usually referred to as Talent Acquisition.

People are the largest investment any company can make for its future survival. Recruiting and hiring the right people is by far the most important part of any organization’s business plan. Talent acquisition is more about building relationship with top talent in the industry than it is about simply recruiting for current job opportunities.

A talent acquisition strategy reduces the risks involved with recruiting bad hires, which in turn will lower costs, save time, and boost productivity. So yes, talent acquisition is a solid career path and it is downright awesome! It can be fun, satisfying, and when you are good at it, an immense strategic value to your organization.

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