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February 24, 2023
Diecut starts state of the art Production of Laser Cut dies

On 1st September 2022, Die Cutting Experts Ltd started producing dies for printers in the East African region. They are the first company to make laser dies locally for printers, saving them time and the cost of importation.
The company is based in the old ASL Packaging building on Mombasa Rd next to Ramco Group Park and led by General Manager Derek Steel.

A ‘die’ is used to precision cut a printed sheet to the correct shape for packaging and corrugated boxes. Traditionally ‘dies’ have been made by hand which are not accurate, resulting in rough edges that automated packing machines don’t like. The Die Cutting Experts facility will be the first in East Africa and will make ‘dies’ by precision laser engraving instead of by hand.

“FMCG factories across Africa are becoming more automated and therefore need more exact and consistent packaging material. Having locally made laser dies will allow printers to deliver faster with a higher quality while reducing imports – a win for everyone.”says Derek Steel. We wish Die Cutting Experts all the success.