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March 15, 2019
RAMCO GROUP: Leadership for Growth

Mr Hasit, Group COO initiated a series of workshops for Ramco Group leaders aimed at discussing classic cases from Harvard Business Cases studies. These workshops provide a platform for Ramco Group leaders to enhance their skills which directly impacts on the business as well as the employees they lead. The first workshop was held on Friday 15th March at Odyssey Building, 10th floor Board Room from 4pm. Over 20 participants showed interest and attended the workshop.

The group discussed, “The Rise of Walmart” as the first case; an intriguing study on the strategy Walmart employed to kill their greatest rival at the time- Kmart.

The greatest learning in discussing this case was getting a highlight on how leaders have managed to grow their business with the use of different techniques. The participants held a discussion on the steps taken by Walmart in achieving this milestone and how it differed from the competition. The use of technology, cost cutting, early initiators and keeping the customer first were some of the key points that emerged during their discussion. The Group COO confirmed that the workshops would occur every month as a continuous learning series at Ramco Group for leadership development.