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September 18, 2017
SEAL HONEY: Launches Money Honey Customer Loyalty Scheme

On 18 September 2017, Seal Honey Ltd. launched its ongoing unique customer loyalty programme, aptly named ‘’MONEYHONEY AT SEAL HONEY’’. This is the first of its kind in Africa. Each and every customer who shops via point of sale at any of their nine wholesale and retail stores countrywide stands an opportunity to earn an instant 5% cashback amount of their purchase amount (excluding VAT).

Currently this loyalty and reward scheme is available to Safaricom users only. Once registered, the customer must upload some unique features from their purchase receipt into their virtual account which is immediately credited with the 5% cash back amount. Through the Safaricom short code40335, the client can then withdraw this loyalty cash reward directly into their M-Pesa account which they can redeem as cash.

Seal Honey has given cashback in excess of 4.5 million and over an excess of 10,000 loyal customers have registered for the program, since the rollout of the customer loyalty and reward program. Sweet returns, indeed!

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