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September 29, 2014
RAMCO PRINTING: Ramco Print’s New Equipment

Ramco Print has added a variety of new print and finishing equipment to its production range.  The new investments are made to either increase capacity and delivery speed or to offer customers a new finish to their printed material.

  1. CD 102-5+L: A new high speed A1 size press for packaging print.
  2. ST 350: A Saddle Stitching machine to increase the capacity of book binding.
  3. UV / Water Coater: Offers customers a unique coating on their printed material.
  4. Window Paster: A two feeder window pasting machine to increase the capacity and speed for packaging.
  5. Polar N-115 Guillotine: This A1 guillotine expands capacity & speed for publishing & packaging
  6. Aster Sewing Machine: A quality book binder to deliver 220 sections per minute.

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