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January 6, 2012
RAMCO PRINTING: Ramco Printing Works Plans for Diary Season

A branded diary is one of the best promotional gifts you can give your customers as they will see your brand every day of the coming year whenever they use the diary.


Ramco Printing Works has started to promote their range of diaries for 2013 with an eye-catching range in a variety of colours, sizes and finishes.


There are diaries with 1 day to view, 1 week to view and in a variety of different layouts. Similarly, they can have padded covers; gold or silver logos on the front; custom printed inserts at the beginning; a map of Africa and gold corner clips for long term protection.

The full range can be seen electronically or at Ramco Printing Unit 1 or Unit 2. Please contact Tonny Joseph for a quotation through

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