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March 26, 2010
RAMCO PRINTING: Opens Unit 2 – 2009

It has been a season of many firsts for Ramco Printing, the firm that shares a name with the group. Beginning with exponential growth and culminating with the merger with ASL Printing, the company has now opened a new location. Housed in a modern 100,000 square foot premises on Mombasa Road, the new location will handle the Inner Cartons Division, The Promotional Division and the Magazines and Books division.

In tandem with the move is the acquisition of new equipment, specifically the Heidelberg SM102 8P with Perfector technology. Combined with the modern facilities, this effectively turns Ramco Printing into East Africa’s largest sheetfed offset printers. Specially designed to perfect jobs in a single run, the SM102 gives the firm an edge that competitors will find hard to imitate. An even bigger plus is the assurance of quality printing to those clients who are increasingly demanding world class standards for their work.

However there is more to the move than just the machines and their direct surroundings; opening a new factory created opportunities for streamlined functions, space optimization and workflow planning. On the business end it provides an allowance for a faster, flexible and more economic management model. The tendency for modern presses to be longer and wider is also accommodated.

All said the Mombasa Road premises will support the dynamic growth of the company presently and in the near future and count as yet another milestone attained by this dynamic company. When asked what next, the reply from Ramco Printing seems to be; ‘watch this space’.

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