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December 24, 2017
RAMCO GROUP: Welcome New Team Member at Get-Together

The Ramco Group organized a koroga get-together on 24 November 2017 at Mint Shack on Peponi Road to welcome the new staff who have joined the senior team in the Ramco family. A sumptuous meal was prepared by our talented, in-house ‘chefs’, namely, Mr. Kartik Patel (Group Finance Director), Mr. Vijay Kumar (CEO of Seal Honey Ltd), Mr. Basil Serrao (CEO of Office Technologies Ltd).

With Group Chairman, Mr. Kirit Patel, in attendance, Denis Nyongesa (Group HR Director) opened the meeting and Mr. Hasit Patel (COO of Ramco Group) and Jan Larsen (CEO of Ramco Plexus) introduced the new members within their respective business verticals.

A fun-filled evening, the new senior team members enjoyed the koroga, which is a prime example of how the top leadership cultivates team spirit in the group’s companies.


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