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March 26, 2010

In a groundbreaking move, ASL Gravure and CML Gravure recently merged to create Platinum Packaging, a new company that boasts one of the largest gravure capacities in the market. The well timed move comes at the heels of year-on-year economic growth and positions the new firm to take advantage of the favourable regulatory environment.

By naming the new company after platinum metal – the rich man’s gold – the two principals bring out the firm’s desired positioning as a premium brand, able to maintain quality across a wide range of work from low volumes to high volume long runs.

From its offices in Nairobi, the new company will have an ideal base for serving clients across the greater East African region. All operations will be run from one location, the ASL Gravure premises on Mombasa Road.

By uniting, the two firms have seized new ground and have placed Platinum in a higher league than they themselves were. What more, the merger process has been well managed, enabling a seamless streamlining of operations that has minimized any disruptions in production or service delivery. With time, the combined market share along with centralized costs and gains in pricing power are expected to turn Platinum Packaging into an influential player on the Kenyan scene.

Upon the launch, directors from the two firms thanked all stakeholders for their support and stressed their continued commitment to deliver the quality services that they are known for.

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