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July 2, 2012
OFFICE TECHNOLOGIES: Sales and Marketing Training

Office Technologies recently held a Canon sales training session for the sales team at their Training Centre located in Ramco Group Industrial Park. The event hosted by Canon Middle East was a 4 day event that took place between July 2nd and 5th.

The goal of the training was to introduce innovative sales and marketing techniques to help increase the sales in the region. The mantra for the training was value = benefits – cost.

The training encouraged the sales team to see the VALUE in their products. This value is determined by the BENEFITS to the customer less the COST of purchasing the equipment.

All too often salespeople only focus on the price and forget to see the benefits to the customer. A good salesperson identifies the product features that the customer values and ensures these are focused on.  All customers are different – some value price; some value unique features of the product or service; some value payment terms; some value delivery time frame; some value the long term savings while others value all of the above.  The conclusion of the training session was that a successful salesperson must “read” their customer and work out what is important to them.

Each participant received a certificate from the training institute upon completion.

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