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April 4, 2015
OFFICE MART: CBD Branches Looted

(After the robbery)

Office Mart had 2 of its Nairobi CBD branches robbed on the 4th of March 2015 – Kenyatta Avenue outlet and Standard St outlet. The damage and loss ran into the millions. Other retail outlets in the same building were also robbed in a large theft.

Thieves stormed the entire building in the early hours of the morning and attacked the security guards. They entered many shops and loaded vehicles with merchandise only to flee from the scene after police arrived and opened fire. The OML teams arrived at work and found a big mess and a lot of merchandise missing. However the spirit and enthusiasm of the OML teams would not be dampened and both outlets were cleaned up, losses assessed and the shops re-opened within 24 hours.

As OML Operations Manager, Pritesh Pandit commented, “A huge congratulations must go out to the team for their spirit and enthusiasm in facing this adversity. Many thanks to all.”


(Before the looting)

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