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December 1, 2015
MARKETPOWER: Employee promoted to Administration Manager

Miriam Muinami was promoted to the position of Administration manager as of December 2015. Miriam has been with Marketpower since 2011 and joined the company as an Accountant. Over the years, she has risen in the ranks and has overseen numerous projects most notably, the upgrade of Hansaworld (the integrated accounting software).

In her new role as Administration Manager, her responsibilities include overseeing production-related duties, ensuring smooth flow of jobs, addressing any challenges that staff members may be facing among others.

Miriam’s energy and excitement for her new role could be felt as she explained what she and her team hope to achieve,

“I believe if each one of us owns up and thinks of Marketpower as their second family, we have the capability to make it a better place. I am grateful to management for giving me the opportunity to grow and be able to make a positive impact at a decision –making level”.

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