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May 29, 2012
KENTAINERS: Receives book mention

Kentainers Limited received favourable mention in regards to their tanks and silos in an internationally published book titled ‘The Last Hunger Season’ by Roger Thurow. The award winning author and world hunger activist chronicles the year he spent with the main characters in the book in an effort to bring to light the challenges that they face as small hold farmers. The book mentions Kentainers’ plans to venture into grain storage and provide options that will ensure grains can be stored for a year or longer without chemical preservatives. The company is currently working on a ventilation system and airtight sealing method that will make it possible to dry maize kernels inside the container which reduces the hassle of constantly shifting the maize from storage into the sunlight to dry. This emerging innovation will reduce post-harvest losses as well as the chances of theft and animals destroying the grain.

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