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October 5, 2015
ICT AFRICA: RGL Credit Applications Goes Paperless

An online credit application system for Ramco Group clients is in the works by ICT Africa. The system will ease credit application and management for both the customers and the company.

Once rolled out, customers will be able to log into their accounts and fill in the online credit application form. Once filled out, the customer’s referee will be required to approve the application based on the details provided by the customer.  The company issuing the credit will approve the application and the client will get a notification by SMS on their mobile phone or via email.

The system will improve the customers’ credit application experience as these tasks were previously done manually.

The Group companies can expect the following developments over the next three months:

  1. Online approval of credit request from clients
  2. Online web portal for the Group recruitment
  3. Online consolidation of financial reports

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