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November 1, 2013
FLEXOWORLD: Sales double at Flexoworld

Following the installation of a new digital plate maker in April 2013 and the resounding success of a Customer Open Day, Flexoworld has realised substantial growth over the past 6 months. From a team of 6, they now have 10 employees and the sales figures have doubled.

The sales growth has come from both existing customers giving the company a greater share of their work as well as from new clients discovering the improved print quality achieved by using digital print plates.


Flexoworld has also created two implant studios within the premises of their key clients. Having an implant gives Flexoworld’s clients faster artwork approvals and improves communication between the plate maker and the press operator.


In addition to the increased clientele and sales, Flexoworld has invested in a new delivery motorbike. This will enable the company to make deliveries faster and more efficiently.

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