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January 3, 2013
FLEXOWORLD: Flexoworld buys new Digital Plate Maker

Keeping one step ahead of the competition separates the leaders from the followers. Flexoworld Limited is definitely a leader. Having recently purchased a new CDI machine from Esko, they are the first company in East Africa to own this HD Flexo machine.


The Cyrel Data Imager (CDI) produces digital flexo printing plates for polythene, label and corrugated printers. The new HD Flexo machine will now provide plates at 4000dpi instead of the standard 2540dpi. This new investment will result in significant print quality improvement for all printers.


The CDI was installed in April by an ESKO engineer from Belgium and all Flexoworld staff were trained on its operation. This specialized hardware and software will provide East African printers with a local supplier of plates instead of importing them from India and Dubai.


Flexoworld staff with the ESKO engineer

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