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January 12, 2014

EcoPallets Kenya Ltd has joined the Ramco Group family from the beginning of December 2014. The company markets a patented shipping pallet made from corrugated paper that revolutionizes the way shipping is done.

When compared to its traditional wooden pallet alternative, the Green Ox Pallet as it is known, offers a variety of competitive advantages that include –

  1. Cost Reductions
  2. Lighter Weight providing savings on freight costs (4kg)
  3. Engineered to hold the dynamic weight of most shipments
  4. Pallets are stored in the flat thus reducing storage requirements by up to 90%
  5. Custom sized to client requirements
  6. Recyclable at end of life
  7. Disposal of wooden pallets eliminated
  8. Manufactured in Nairobi and delivered Just-in-Time

As CEO Jacob Schmalzle says, “The EcoPallet offers users savings while being environmentally friendly so it’s a Win-Win for everyone”.

EcoPallets is based at Asl Packaging who also manufacture the pallets under license. The entire Ramco Group welcomes Jacob to the team and wish them every success.


Picture Caption:

The Business Daily ran a comprehensive article about EcoPallets in November 2014


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