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March 1, 2015
CREATIVE EDGE: Partners with Young & Rubicam and exits Ramco Group

The start of 2015 signified a huge step for Creative Edge as the company joined hands with Young & Rubicam the global advertising agency. This partnership  was announced in March 2015 and  reflects the huge strides that Creative Edge has made over the years to become a new force in the Kenyan advertising scene.

Prital Patel, Managing Director said, “The Team’s passion to deliver unique and creative ideas for our clients is at the heart of our growth and success. The partnership with Y&R opens new horizons for us and brings a global network of resources and perspectives.”

The company will now be known as Creative Y&R.  With this new development, Creative Edge unfortunately will no longer be part of the Ramco Group.

The entire Ramco Group family wishes the Creative Y&R team, every success in the years ahead.










The internal launch at Eden Square on 27 March 2014 was attended by the entire Creative Y&R team who enjoyed a comprehensive presentation by Yossi Schwartz, Chairman of Y&R Africa and South Africa. The presentation highlighted the Y&R Vision, Philosophy, Values and Global Resources available to the Kenya team.

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