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June 4, 2015
ASL STEEL: Diversifies into Household Goods

ASL Steel has started to import and sell a variety of household consumer goods that compliments its locally manufactured products. The company’s China partner has been manufacturing these products  for over 30 years under the brand name of STERLING and now ASL Steel will begin to distribute these in East Africa.

The product range includes stainless steel hot pots, pressure cookers, coffee & tea urns, chaffing dishes, blenders, iron, toasters and ovens among many others. The products will be available through a variety of leading supermarket chains and household equipment outlets.

As CEO of Asl Steel Anand Karani said, To date we have been predominantly a manufacturing B2B company and this diversification is a big change for us. We see a big growth in the purchasing power of middle class Kenya seeking quality & fair priced consumer goods. By adding the Sterling product range to our portfolio, we feel that we can offer great quality at a fair price to this consumer.




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