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April 13, 2018
ASL-HFD: Launches Milk Processing Plant

ASL-Heavy Fabrication Division has now ventured into designing and supplying equipment for Ultra Heat Treatment (UHT) and Extended Shelf Life (ESL) milk plants.

Known for being one of the leaders in providing Dairy and Engineering Solutions for over 20 years, ASL-HFD presented cost-friendly solutions at the annual Embu County International & National Investors Conference.

The Governor of Embu County-Martin Wambora, who was present at the conference, expressed his confidence in ASL-HFD’s capacity to design and supply the plant to produce 50,000 litres per day for Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) students in the entire county.

As ASL-HFD continues to champion this venture backed by the CEC Agriculture of Embu County, they are targeting to set up two more UHT/ESL plants this year as they seek to solidify their local presence in the market.

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