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February 4, 2017
RAMCO GROUP: HR Team Building

They say “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy “Saturday , 04th February

Saturday, 4th February 2017, a bright Saturday morning when the HR team converged at Paradise Lost along Kiambu Road for their first ever teambuilding since the inception of the HR department in the Group.The theme for the day was “ We are stronger together”.The day was filled with fun, laughter and lots of learnings, the activities of the day involved

The day was filled with fun, laughter and lots of learnings, the activities of the day involved mind-boggling games aimed at equipping members of the HR team with business acumen skills. As the team enjoyed fresh atmosphere and games, they also got to know each other better and also understand their diversity in terms of day-to-day HR operations in spite of working for the same group of companies. There was a discovery of subcultures within Ramco Group Culture, for instance, there exist different sub-cultures for individual companies, for different Business Vertical and overall culture for Ramco Group.

Two months later we have witnessed significant improvement in how we relate to each other, opened doors for inter-company consultations and more activities on Group HR WhatsApp. the team is more cohesive and open to each other making it easier to communicate and also, like the HR Director likes putting it, there was tremendous opportunity to “learn, unlearn and re-learn” from each other. Through the team

Through the team building we were also able to learn that all employees are different, each employee has their own strengths and weaknesses and a team is always as weak as its weakest member. That as a leader, it is important to discover your staff’s strength, harness it and always exploit it. Unfortunately, leaders get so tempted to only see the weakness of their staff, waste time reminding them of the same while ignoring to exploit their potential.

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