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October 6, 2018
RAMCO GROUP: Hosts Internal Open Day

Noticing the need for the entire Ramco Group of companies to understand our full product collection, the first Ramco Group Open Day took place at the Ramco Printing Unit 2 offices at RGIP. 30 group companies hosted exhibition stands where they displayed and explained their products and services to the sales teams of all Ramco Group companies.

With over 110 employees attending to learn about what we all do, the event was also graced with the presence of the Group’s senior members, including Kirit Patel, CR Patel, Hasit Patel, Denis Nyongesa and Prital Patel. This Open Day provided a great platform to learn and ask questions in a relaxed environment with the ultimate goal being that the companies within the Group promote and support each other’s businesses.

Organiser, Derek Steel, said, “If we can increase our cross-selling and customer sharing across the group, then we utilise our size to become a stronger family and a stronger group. Finding new customers is never easy, but referrals and introductions from sister companies certainly make the process a lot easier.”

The successful event stayed true to the Ramco Group philosophy: Every Relationship is Family, and Family Comes First.

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