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April 6, 2017
KENTAINERS: introduces The Gransilo

Kentainers has recently introduced a new product: the GrainSilo. The GranSilo is an innovative, purpose-designed and engineered, air-and water-tight, user-friendly and affordable domestic grain silo. It is made from food contact grade polymers, with a 30 year expected lifespan when used indoors, thereby providing long term, and environmentally-sustainable value for the farmer. It also has a capacity of 500 litres which is equivalent to a storage space of four 90kg bags of maize. This innovative product comes in two parts with a fully removable lid that locks on to the nestable base unit using a sturdy metal clamp providing an air-tight fit with an EPDM seal between the lid and the base. Its maximum width is only 84cm providing ease of entry into the house through most doors. Accordingly, both GranSilo and the grain inside it can be securely stored within the home.

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