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February 1, 2019
RAMCO GROUP: Launches Sales App to Help Boost Sales

The Ramco Group has launched a Sales Field App for field based sales people to record their meetings and client visits. The App has so far been adopted by more than 30 sales people across the Group.

Some of the Benefits of using the App are:

1. Provides quick support from the Sales Manager to help secure orders faster

2. Identifies and solves hurdles in the sales process

3. Provides system generated daily sales reports replacing manual systems

4. Frees sales people from reporting & increases their customer facing time

5. Auto generates weekly and monthly reports for KPIs

6. Captures & shares photos from the field – samples, problems, products on display

7. Reminds a salesperson of their ‘TO DO’ items, post a client meeting

8. Allows a sales person to review their previous meeting report before the next one

9. Optimizes a salesperson’s visit route

10. Records & track customer feedback

11. Records and track customer entertainment

The app is currently in use at the following companies: Ramco Printing, ASL Packaging, Sai Office Supplies Supermarket team, Flexoworld, Ovidian Kenya, Marketpower, Ovidian Uganda, The Print Store, and Platinum Packaging