September 28, 2017
RAMCO GROUP Staff Attends Customer Service Training

NEW CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING PROGRAM INTRODUCED The Group HR Team are introducing a new Sales Training Program to help grow our sales skills across 3 types of customer-facing people in Ramco Group – Retail Sales Teams Business to Business Sales Teams (B2B) General Customer Service and Customer Delight The first of these courses for General […]

August 22, 2017
RAMCO GROUP’S HR Metrics & Analytics for Cost Management

Ramco Group’s HR management team has held several discussions on the use of data to quantify the cost and impact on talent management programs and HR processes, while measuring the success of HR initiatives.  The team also highlighted that metrics actually add value to organizations by providing the information required to make the best decisions about their talent. […]

August 22, 2017
ICT AFRICA’S 2nd Phase of Sharepoint Implementation   

ICT Africa is in the second phase of implementing the Office365 cloud adoption of its SharePoint portal for online file sharing. This replaces local file servers that have been used to share operational files to date. SharePoint Online portal offers more security and redundancy, more capacity for ever growing data, granular file sharing options and […]

August 22, 2017
ISO Internal Auditors Training

As ASL Packaging transitioned to ISO 9001-2015, it became mandatory for all ISO internal auditors to receive training on the new standard with an aim of ensuring that the new ISO standard is implemented successfully.

July 26, 2017
ASL CREDIT gets BBB+ (KE) rating from GCR, Outlook Stable.

ASL Credit was assigned a national scale long term debt rating of BBB-(KE), A3 (KE) and a Commercial Paper rating of A3 (KE) by Global Credit Ratings in Johannesburg on 28th July, 2017. The ratings have been granted a Stable outlook, and are valid until June 2018. The ratings accorded to ASL Credit reflect a company […]